Mission Of Connect With Your Heart Soulful Enterprise

Celebrate Your Life through Love & Wealth. ”Guiding and Empowering people to know that a Higher Power guides everyone perfectly to merge with their Essence, through grace and creativity. I am very grounded in who I am. I am committed to the intelligence of the heart. I believe that you should live your life and your business with both emotional and financial security.”

The mission and the spark of this soulful heart centered enterprise are to guide people, especially sensitive, creative, business women, business owners – entrepreneur, to merge with the pulls of their soul and bust the ego or resolve heartache that limits you from feeling good. Living your dream of having your business, sharing a soulful relationship with your spouse (lover) and creating long lasting relationships with your clients takes patience and with the right support you can make it happen.

Clients are empowered to

  1. Live with emotional wholeness and a healthy spirituality that is grounded and practical (affectionate safety and emotional security)
  2. Gracefully clear out unconscious money stuff, blocks and limiting beliefs and free yourself from not having more than enough money to having a powerful relationship with your financial wealth and feeling good about money. (financial safety and security).
  3. Feeling safe, happier, more in control to keep moving forward and thriving with your life.

women_on_the_webYou are not alone. If you wish to be alone I encourage you to question your survival patterns because you do not have to be alone. I get it that you have a life story that at times keeps you from feeling deserving. I understand how we feel disconnected when it gets difficult or challenging. When you allow yourself magic happens.

Yvonne walks her talk by having realized her dreams of being in a soulful loving relationship with her husband and living from the wealth of her natural gifts and talents. She is part of a business community that is caring, uplifting and supportive and she reaches out to certain trusted people that have helped her now for many years

The secret of Yvonne’s success is this:

Merge with the pulls of soul, bust out ego or resolve deep heart hurts, and connect with your Sacred Essence ~ thrive with affectionate safety and emotional security

Live with quality relationships at home feeling loved and supported.

Live with quality relationships within a business community that shares the same values.

Provide value when you connect with your clients and take their best interest and happiness at heart.

Come clean with your money issues (conscious and unconscious) to feel safe and good managing your money, and keep investing in what is worthy for your happiness and growth (personal or professional), feeling good about having more than enough money. ~ thrive with financial safety and security.

Trust that you can change what needs to be changed to make space for what you need, want and desire.

Dignify value and esteem yourself and your self-worth.

Reach out when you cannot see it for yourself or when you are too close to the tree and cannot see the whole forest.

Living wholeheartedly enjoying the richness of life by experiencing serenity in your heart and peace of mind.

‘You are the only one that walks in your shoes to live a life that is meaningful and rich for you,

however you do not have to walk alone.’


You are a valued member of our Soulful Community.

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