Money wants to take care of You! Do You believe me?

If I told You that money wants to take care of You would You believe me?

I was invited to be on radio to talk about chronic illness with Caylah, a brilliant nurse. The show started with words about how stress causes chronic illness and that according to Health Canada financial problems causes health problems including heart problems because of the stress.

Did you know that repressed emotions, you know emotions that are stuffed causes stress. Wanting a situation to be different than what it is causes stress as well. Essentially it’s the resistance and how your energy is contracted. It is this that causes your stress. When it is not taken care of it becomes a pain pattern, whether it is in the form of physical pain, emotional or mental pain or a spiritual disconnect from our powerful inner guidance.

Busting stress will help you. I have opened up 5 spaces for the next 3 weeks to connect with me before I head off to go walk on the beach and disconnect from everything to only come back re-energized to give you more ways to connect with your money so you can have more money doing what you love. Here’s the link to connect with me…

When we value ourselves through our love, health, wealth and soulful expression, call it mind, body, spirit or physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and financial wealth we feel good, are fit, live a loving relationship with our significant other, our life works well and our business and finances work well. When we stop our pain pattern we at the same time stop tolerating or settling, and even procrastination.!

The most important relationship that we have is with ourselves. The second most important relationship that we have is with our money.
There after the most important relationship that we have is with our significant other, family members, friends, clients, collaborators…

I want to get you to reflect on your personal connection with yourself and the emotional relationship you have with money. Think of it for a moment, one of the most important relationships that we all have is with money. It just is part of just about everything in our daily lives. We always seem to be taking out our wallet for something!

Everything that you do is supposed to be out of love for either yourself or someone else, would you agree? If not life is lived mechanically and this only lasts so long unless depression and anxiety tax your energy and tells you loud and clear that something needs to shift. We are very human and this confused state of depression and anxiety can shift quickly if you have done your inner healing and mindset work, which by the way needs to be done on a regular basis as you keep growing and expanding with more of what your heart desires.

So here is where money is your ally. In the radio show Caylah was talking about how it’s bad to love money and I disagree. Hear me out.

At 5 years old I stole money from my parents and the church baskets to then go and sit on the sidewalk in front of the house only to give away the money to have some attention or affection. I learned that money wanted to take care of me.

As an adult I needed to come to terms with this and I understood that when I disvalue myself in any way shape or form, I also disvalue money. If I do not tender to my self-love and care money has no meaning other than to be a mechanical tool to support my life. Said in very simple language if I neglect my self-care money becomes a struggle. That is the secret to improve not only your money situation but help you to value your life, your dream and your soul and this is something that I can help you with.

When you are in business for yourself, or in transition it is critical that you start to give serious attention to how you value every aspect of your life and stop tolerating and settling with what contracts your energy and impacts your self-love and care. Those blocks need to shift so you can have what you want and create the impact that you want in your life and in the lives of your clients. What you do is done out of love so you may as well be all in and value YOU, the most important person! That’s when magic happens.

I am excited to let you know that I am now working on my ‘Connect To Your Money’ program that will be released this spring.
For now what I can offer you to a Breakthrough by connecting with me and we will focus on your needs and what you want so you can take your next best step. Click here to claim your Breakthrough and Strategy Free Intro Call

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