Sensitive, highly sensitive, hyper sensitive. We are all sensitive beings! How do you stay grounded and practical while you reach for your dream? The one thing I tell myself is that I own my life, my dream, my soul. It goes back to that one difficult moment where I understood how my own emotional self-abandonment […]


WHERE ARE MY FREEDOM SEEKERS.? WHERE ARE MY OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS.? If you are in business for yourself you will love the information in this message. Working through the energy of passion and grace. I know that you just feel a grandeur inside of you. You want to plug into it where you just feel so […]

Self-Value, Trust, Money! How it’s inter-connected.

Owning your self-value is worth it all the way to happiness.. How is money and trust linked to our self-value? In this video blog I get into this teaching. I offer insights of my own coach who guided me when I needed to trust a little more into myself and get to the core of […]

Have What You Want: Easy, Simple, I’ll Show You How!

P.S. You have an opportunity now to give attention to something that you really want.. this strategy and breakthrough session is an opportunity to really get into what you want, need, desire and finding a way to make this work.      

Soulful With More Happiness And Money

How is Self-Value, Trust, Money and Worthiness linked together? and what does being Soulful have to do to make your life, your business or your money work for YOU.? Check it out… I talk about it in today’s video teaching. Confession: today I had my own coaching session with my coach and I want to […]

Wealth consciousness, What is it? is it soul.? is it money.? is it happiness.?

Wealth consciousness – let’s have a peak behind not deserving happiness. How does your sense of worthiness impact your life today? Do you want to know? I sure wanted to know and solve this at its root once of for all! I know, you’ve worked on this already. I remember a client Kathy, who said […]

It’s only been a month and everything has already been transforming…

I want to share with you all my amazing story. When I first met Yvonne, I was completely disconnected, felt stuck, had only sadness and anxiety occupying my being. I even had no desire to dream anymore. I knew I needed help immediately… I then met Yvonne, her presence and her calmness gave me what […]

Vraiment! Yvonne St Louis does a powerful work, I am blown away by how far I came and how far I went in only 6 weeks! Healing deep blocks, finding the power within me and be able to connect with it is just amazing! I don’t have enough words, because French is my first language, […]

Money wants to take care of You! Do You believe me?

If I told You that money wants to take care of You would You believe me? I was invited to be on radio to talk about chronic illness with Caylah, a brilliant nurse. The show started with words about how stress causes chronic illness and that according to Health Canada financial problems causes health problems […]

Debt, Credit Card – Get control – Release stress. It’s blocking you.

Remove insecurity from the debt or credit card. If you have more than one card put them away and only use 1. Go buy yourself a pink envelope and put the credit cards that you are not using in them. Write a little note that says ”paid in full with grace and ease” and put […]