Once You Realize This Your Life Transforms!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE VIDEO.. (I couldn’t make it work through my facebook post and found this simple solution..) I want you to simpy realize this! You are blessed in more ways you can even begin to imagine when you connect with your heart. You have it within you to overcome limited happiness […]

Are you impacted with feeling not worthy of.. not deserving of..

Our soul or the internal push within is stronger and stronger for those that are called to get out of their way to be of service in a bigger way! Sinces this past September worthiness seems to have been on the radar of many people in many coutriesl. I am in contact with people from […]

These last few weeks have been wonderful! As an official Ambassador for Canada participating in the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative I had the opportunity to share the stage with Marianne Willimanson and share with people over 100 different countries. The book I wrote  in 6 weeks in 2007, Pure Intentions Of My Heart: Edging Out […]

How Would Your Life Change If You Had This..

How would your life change if people contacted YOU to book you for VIP days? This is what happened for me. Sell with more soul and less stress. It will help you and the growth of your business in a way that fuels your passion, so you can call in your ideal clients.. create the […]

J’ai des outils pour m’ancrer dans mes valeurs avec l’argent!

Mon coaching avec Yvonne, m’a permis de tenir bon et de me propulser en affaires.  Maintenant j’ai des outils pour m’ancrer dans mes valeurs avec l’argent! Je connais : l’importance de faire de l’argent dans le plaisir ; être dans le cœur de mes passions et réaliser ce qui me fait vibrer ; laissé tomber ce qui me […]

Do You Feel a Nervous Tension Inside and Feel Some Sort of Fear or Maybe a Disconnect..

Self-Value and Prosperity, How Does It Work?

How would you like to have more happiness and quality relationships? How about feeling accomplished and having more money? How about both? Thanks for taking a few minutes from your day to connect with me. This latest training (Train the Trainer in Orlando, Florida) was an intensive training. It was over a five day period […]

Prosperity Coaching

I hope you’re having a wonderful, relaxing summer. I’ve been thinking of you that are in this Soulful Community and wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to because it might benefit you. I have fine tuned my coaching practice and programs! My mentor and coaches as well as clients that have been […]

Claim Your Value and Earn Money Doing What You Love

Not knowing how to claim your value and gift of love will keep you settling and stuggling. It will keep you in a sort of a camouflaged misery, victim mode or stuck in your story. You are worthy of wayyyy more than stuckness or hardship! You are bigger than this. That desperate and urgency feeling that you have […]