Is 2016 YOUR year to UP LEVEL one aspect of Your Life or Business?

Kicking off the new year with excitment and sending you my best wishes for 2016! So many amazing opportunities and new projects are on the horizon this year. I want to let you in on what is coming up… Firstly, I’ve taken a part of my VIP Services private coaching training and designed a core program. It’s what I’ve […]

How To Define & Value Your Unique Brilliance And Create More Potential Income in 30 Days

I’m revealing a SECRET, also a part of the VIP Service I use that gets quick results and how it offers a natural way to thrive in your unique brilliance, yes! with high self-worth, unshakable confidence that points the way to create your wealth, a path to follow that works beautifully in my life. I […]


Define & Value Your SELF-WORTH And Earn More Income In 30 Days

While we reach for what we want through the goals we set we also want to have fun and live with balance. Doing the work that you love and being well paid! I am working on a webinar that you will enjoy. It will be live in several weeks and you will have all the […]


Secrets to Creating Money And Having Balance With Heart & Money

How do you value the value that money adds to your life? Lately I have been working with amazing women, a coach and a creative entrepreneur who had a disconnection with money and this caused them to undervalue money. The problem of undervaluing money is related to money blocks. To be very specific is that […]


Achieve Your Financial Goals This Year AND Position Yourself For Next Year

3 Ways To Make Money and Reach Your Financial Goals Defined Unique Self-Worth Valuing Yourself Capable of Comfortably Setting A Reasonable Price On The Value Offered   I know what it feels like to be a brand new entrepreneur and watch that money go out faster than what is coming in. I know the pain […]

The 3 Most Effective Strategies for Boosting TRUST & FAITH and Stepping Up One Level

Reaching out to sensitive, busy women, entrepreneurs who have trust issues, either in themselves, in life or in others and it is limiting them in some way personally and professionally. If you are finally ready to give yourself a little more attention by valuing yourself and what you want then it’s time to take that next important […]

What Does Worry Have To Do With Control, Perfectionism and Sensitive

Do you wake up and not understand why you feel the way that you feel? Waking up and not feeling comfortable is not how we want to wake up in the morning! In business staying practical, connected and in alignment is critical. If you struggle with this do not worry. There is a solution. Feeling […]

Increase Your Comfort By Trusting More

When people connect together the first thing they seek is feeling comfortable. Connection leads to TRUST, trusting leads to feelings safe, and safety leads to comfort. COMFORT: You need to decide that you will cultivate how you show up in any situation. Aligning Head and Heart offers internal freedom. You need to want to live […]