Soulful With More Happiness And Money

How is Self-Value, Trust, Money and Worthiness linked together? and what does being Soulful have to do to make your life, your business or your money work for YOU.? Check it out… I talk about it in today’s video teaching.

Confession: today I had my own coaching session with my coach and I want to share a piece with you that will help you. When you will get to 8:00 you will be able to get into your own story about what you tell yourself about money, this will help you!



The popular saying of ”how you do one thing is how you do everything”, is it true? I think so! I vibrate by feeling through my experiences and what I do know is ”who I am follows me everywhere, at home, at work, at play”.

Do your realize that money is one of the most important relationship you have with life. Think about it for a moment. People come and go in your life, and money is always there with you, in cash, in profit, in credit, in debts, in investment..

How you relate with money is a reflection of the emotional relationship you have with yourself. It really is! At one point it gets very subtle and that’s when we need to be soulful. We all want to have more happiness, freedom and naturally more experiences that money offers.. money is useful, and money serves a very important function in your life. When you come from soul and allow money to vibrabe with your soulful energy you shift from not trusting money to allowing money to offer you more security and purpose, and naturally you trust more.

I have 3 spaces that are open so you can claim your strategy and breakthrough session by clicking here… 

Connect With Your Heart! Own YOUR value, your life, your dream, your soul and make good money doing what you love!


P.S. You have an now to give attention to something that you really want.. this strategy and breakthrough session is an opportunity to really get into what you want, need, desire and finding a way to make this work.

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