If you are in business for yourself you will love the information in this message.

Working through the energy of passion and grace. I know that you just feel a grandeur inside of you. You want to plug into it where you just feel so connected, aligned where you flow with the very best of who you are. Putting in place structure and systemized processes to offer your services or products is important to help you to monetize your work.

Owning your life and your talent does bring you satisfaction that your life is a success. Your intention is to touch the lives of people the same way that your life was touched.

BUSINESS – the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even the 5th year have debt according to the Entrepreneurship Foundation. I confim this as it is my experience, and also the experience of all of those I know who are in business for themselves, whether they are caoches or creative entrpreneurs.

Here’s where it gets very challenging. Those first years are critical because it is well known that 60% of businesses do not make it past the 5 year mark. This message is for you if you are passionate and know that you are meant to offer your contribution.

Wanting people (who you would love to convert to clients) recognize the value of the services or knowledge that you offer and bring by not knowing what these people are actually looking for will keep you struggling and your business will not work. It’s that simple. What will work is how you have defined your unique brilliance and self-worth and know how you can be of service to meeting the needs of those people who are potential clients if it’s an energy match.

Do not confuse self-worth with worthiness. Worthiness on the other hand is feeling that you are enough, that you have enough, and do enough. This in business absolutely is non negotiable, you need to have resolved your deeper issues of worth if you want to increase your capacity to receive and really uplevel.
Your motivation to be in business has got to be non other than wanting to help a person with their problem because you know the path of that specific struggle that you potential client has.

Being off track or not coming from your passion and talent will result in more desperate energy, anixiety, possibly even relationship problems, waking up at night, being scattered with little focus… etc.. I see this over and over again and it comes out as a money problem, as a trust issue or a deeper disconnect that makes business owners struggle.

I know that you want to make good money doing what you love. To help out I am offering several ways and you can chose to either apply for and Intro Call, a Free Breakthrough and Strategy session that will focus on what you want, need and desire by clicking here… or have clarity with your money issues with a Free Money Quiz. Here is a Money Quiz that you can take for free and you will know where you seem to have challenges with money.

Calling Your Attention

Connecting to Success

Are you allowing yourself to live with more comfort in your life? That is how I define success.
I have discovered that Connection leads to Trust. Trust leads to feeling safe. Feeling safe leads to feeling comfortable. We all want comfort when we connect with another person and we all want material comfort.
Comfort is the underground of Connection and Connection is the number one criteria for Happiness.

Today, I am writing to speak with you and ask you to please be on the lookout for friends or colleagues that:

  1. want to be happier with their life, increase their wellness and energy
  2. get over a depression or depressed state that impacts their work or business, and their romantic relationship (lack of), family and friends,
  3. perhaps they have a dream and want to take action but do not really know how to take inspired action
  4. want to improve their money habits and have a better emotional relationship with money,
  5. or, they could be in transition – perhaps at the start up of their business and feel overwhelmed by not knowing what to focus on to have results. Perhaps they undercharge and undervalue their service because their self-worth is not defined challenging them to sell their service or their self-esteem is low.

We all yearn to feel connected and to trust more which spells out into feeling safe and being more comfortable with life.

My specialty is helping highly sensitive, business women and entrepreneurs to be connected and in alignment Head-Heart-Money while managing their energy (feelings and mindsets) bringing balance to their life. The bottom line is being happier and having more success in both their personal life and or their professional affairs/business.

I also have published on July 8th, my book Pure Intentions Of My Heart: Edging Out Ego, a book that helps readers to listen to their heart. I have discovered what opens the heart and what makes a person shut down. I have mastered connection and alignment which spell out into internal freedom.

Will you let them know about me and vice versa? I’d love to chat with them to see if I could help. They can also call me directly with questions at 514.664.1186, visit my website at or e-mail me at

If I am not the right Coach, I have many colleagues who may be better suited and I will be happy to refer them. I´m grateful for your help and if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. I would be happy to do so. Please feel free to give me your feedback, by phone or email.

Graciously, Yvonne