Theme: How Do Women Value Themselves and What They Do

Theme: How Do Women Value Themselves and What They Do

Theme: How Do Women Value Themselves and What They Do  

Specifically, how do you connect with comfort by valuing yourself and what is worthy for you.  

The human fundamental need of importance is valuing your needs out of self-respect and respect for others. Taking this one step further is valuing yourself and what you do. Naturally this positions you to define your intrinsic self-worth which makes it easy to stay faithful to your deeper needs and not settle or play the waiting game.

Talking to many women something familiar comes up, a common theme. Many people are not in touch with their needs and what is worthy for them when they are either alone or with another person. When connecting with another person there is always a need. The very core of connection is loving and caring attention which holds 29 needs.

I will list a few here to give you an idea. Acceptance, affection, appreciation, belonging, cooperation, communication, closeness, companionship, compassion, consideration, consistency, empathy, inclusion, intimacy, love….

Here is a clear example of connecting with another person without really connecting with yourself.
I was talking with a friend and she spoke to me of her friend. Her friend is having an issue of being more into another person than into herself. This woman wants to have a loving relationship with the man that she is with and on the other hand she says that “he is nice, he is this or he is that”. Never once did I hear she feels, she thinks, she loves that…she would like… she wants…

Can you relate to sometimes not knowing what you want, need or how to know what will make you feel happy and satisfied at a deeper soul level?
If you would like to have more clarity of how to connect with what you need, want and desire and trust that these will be fulfilled click here…

When a person does not connect with themselves they cannot be true to themselves. When a person does not take a moment to be with themselves how can the person know what she wants and needs deep down inside?