Trusting Time With Purpose

What worries me about wasting time:
The rest of my life, the future
What worries me for the future, not knowing how my life will turn out

What else, who will be part of my life, there has been so many changes in these past years
And over the years through out my entire life many people have came and gone and some stayed.

What is the best thing about the changes? MAGNIFICENCE, embodying it through value, mine and other people.

Tell me more about wasting time, nothing more.
Timelessness is now the time, unless it’s a physical clock kinda thing with an appointment,
Other than that no worries at all.

I just know I’ve got to be productive with time, be on purpose, think on purpose, feel on purpose, giving my energy and attention to feeling one with what I give my focus to.
Coming back to SACRED FOCUS to accomplish goals.
Working with the same sacred focus that empowered me to do the country move and live where my soul feels home by pristine beaches. Got it!

The decision for the move was taken December 2016. In May 2017 I wrote that I would be living by the ocean by the end of 2018. The move date was November 1st, 2018. I know that I can fully trust my inner clarity because it just knows. Goals connected to priorities.
Having 3 top priorities.
Now for this I need to drop into my heart, into my soul, my inner being and be one with what my soul now wants to experience. TRUSTING.

Even through the WORLD RESET my soul guides me with its yearnings. It’s cool!
Working from my vision, embodying its accomplishments.
I totally get it, a physical body with 5 senses at the service of life, of god, of soul.
I get it and I can’t explain it. I can teach it. It’s the wet of the water that you experience.
It’s the grace of life that guides you through benevolence and prosperity that has no words.
If I had one thing to appreciate at this time, what would that be?
The supportive environment I’ve created for myself by following my inner being.
By TRUSTING this soulful inner guidance
One word to sum it all up: RADIATE, JUST BE, stuff gets done in its time.
P.S. Giving time is where my sacred focus is. I will give you my time. I am being called this way. I’m just about complete with my new creativity… challenge, workshop, mastermind