Trusting Your Own Authority

💥💓 #connection by connecting the dots with the flow of abundance.

Authenticity, vulnerability, essence, connectedness, alignment, wholeness.

All these words point to the exact same thing.

Different labels for the referring to the same energy..
It seems so easy to reach, doesn’t it?

And you tell yourself will I ever be there OR maybe you’re telling yourself that you are already in full alignment with life and I have exactly what I need, want and desire all the time.
Deep down inside there’s the voice of I don’t like changes, I don’t want to rock the boat, ahhh it’s gonna work itself out.

And guess what? The same thing triggers you again and again and again.
We are not different with this. We carry the energetic imprint of stuff from this life and this is what gets triggered even when you have worked it out within yourself.
Here’s what makes the difference.
Knowing your love and money imprint, basically what makes you feel safe and secure in this life and having reached your inner stability you can then flow through it all, the good, the crappy moments, or even the times when you don’t feel it and you just do it to stay faithful and true to yourself.

The other way is to have that same kinda feeling you feel in the pit of your gut, your heart, and then your mind starts to overthink stuff, analyze stuff, and then you know that you gotta do something about it again and there is resistance, even to the point of feeling anger.

In truth it is said that 90% of people don’t even want to look at it.

You’re reading this, are you in the 10%?
You want to look at your stuff  because you have a love story with life. Yeah sometimes this love story gets a little mixed up with the god force and with people .. you know, imagining that love gets to be a certain way with a companion, child, brother, sister, friend, client, collaborator and is loaded with conditions or expectation, deceptions until love gets real. This is another subject all on it’s own.
I know You do something about it, you manage your energy, you look at stuff, take care of what needs to be taken care of. Uniting with your soulful and powerful inner guidance and carving your destiny, fulfilling the right genuine needs along the way.

It’s always good to question some common teaching about growth so you stay being the conscious authority over your life.

Here’s a few common teaching to have discernment with so you can get to your own beingness fully on board with your humanness and doingness with what feels good just for you.

Basically my name is Yvonne so I will just call this part Yvonneness. What’s your name ? Diane so it would be Dianeness.

I was taken aback when I saw this one famous mentor. After giving their teaching this person said with a smile that made me feel very awkward as I simply watched this person say “thanks for following me and allowing me to teach you as you put the value on me, I love my job”.

In other words, this person could have said thank you not putting the value on you, and giving me your money to do just that. Ohhh and by the way I love feeling superior to you. Yeap, it was the vibe my intuition picked up on. Who is serving who ??? Ouuchhhhh

Energy speaks louder than words I can tell you that much. What makes me say this? Very simple I was raised with deaf parents and I learned to pick up information a different way.

My message to you is to be attentive to the energy that go with the words you receive from another person.
The mentor should make you be YOU in your humanness and beingness so you can receive your instructions from within to call in all the abundance you believe you deserve to then let go the I deserve part because you get to receive all by being all of you.


Live-love-work on purpose Yvonne

P.S. Stay in your vibe for your highest good. Are you up for increasing your momentum?

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