Vision – The Power Of Imagination

Vision – The Power Of Imagination

The Theme for this Fall is Soulful Vision (1 Theme per 3 months)

Surviving, Waiting for…  VS  Thriving With Reality & A Vision

The power of imagination is meant to make you feel good. Do you know what you want? Do you breathe it? Do you feel it in its accomplishment? The journey towards the accomplishment of what you want sets you up to fully receive it in your life. What you need to do is to start the momentum and stay in the momentum.

Wanting or desiring something when you believe and know that it will happen is the driving force to make it happen. It starts to create momentum to make it happen. One way is to open up to it is to receive it in your energy before you live it. Keeping your heart open with high frequency aligns you with the flow of life. Building momentum by taking action while you keep feeling what you want opens up the gates of allowing you to receive it. As you do this life will at the same time send experiences your way to help you to get closer to your heart’s desire.  It will amount up to what you want and desire. Guaranteed!

Do you focus your attention on what you want to feel when you will receive what you want? The core of connection is attention. When you are present with attention you feel something. What are your feelings? Is it freedom, certainty, aligned on the right path, gratitude or are your feelings mixed up with the false needs of the ego and when you get what you want you struggle with it.

When you know what you want and why you want it this enables you to keep the intentions of your heart pure. When you do receive what you want it feels meaningful and right.